Ticket reservation by Internet is available by 5 PM 1 day before the concert.

Reserved tickets can be found at ticket offices at the from 1 hours before to 15 minutes before the concert.

For those who booked the tickets, please present the reservation number and identify card, or reservation confirmation sheet.

eTickeitng : dpo.or.kr

Group Discount

Group discount will be applied for those who reserve for a group of more than 20 people. Please note that one should contact and ask for special group discount 3 days before the concert by 5pm on the weekday.

Please contact the office for help : +82-42-270-8382 / e-mail : dpo@hanmail.net


Ticket cancellation is available until 10am of the performance day. However, unless the cancellation is caused by the hosting company or conducted on the same day one reserved the ticket, there will be 10% penalty charge for the cancellation.

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